Pat Pend.
     The creator was getting frustrated once he got home. The tires on the mountain bike were unable to handle these type of weather conditions. Carrying a two (2) cubic box of groceries weighing between twenty (20) to thirty (30) pounds would be sometimes difficult to carry while balancing yourself on a bike. Something had to be done. He did walk to a bicycle store to buy and repair his front wheel flat and had replaced his one foot pedal. While he was making his own repairs, the creator did remember once applying twice at that grocery store down the street for a stock boy and cart handling position. Nothing came through at all with that. As the months had gone by, the excessive ridding of the mountain was beginning to break down for the creator due to all the errands which the creator had been doing for his parents. The treads from new bike tires appeared to have about a hundred miles to go due to the winter street salt eating at the tire rubber. Both handle bar grips had falling off. His gears shifter located between the foot pedals was busted from the rock salt and water eating at it. His both front and rear wheel reflectors were missing or assumed to be stolen. Last, but not least, the bar located between the seat which lead to where the handle bar pipe is inserted was braking apart at the factory weld. The bicycle framed itself, was coming apart. Still, with no job, the creator could not drive his father's truck with-out having any insurance on the van, in his own name.
     Mid-spring of 1996 was here. The weather was changing and the blood inside the creator's body was thinning for the season. The rear axel had broken on the creator's mountain bike. The whole rear wheel had fallen off as the creator had lifted his bike off the ground. He was ready to do another errand for his parents but, the bicycle had obviously failed for the creator. The creator's mother had felt sorry for her son, the creator. She had a bike of her own. The bike was a 12-speed all-terrain mountain bike. She gave it to him for all the work which he had done in the house over the months. This bike was cool as the creator felt.
     One of the main elements relating to the later spring is opening the swimming pool. The creator was planning to go back to his job search. With a swimming pool getting ready to open for the end of the spring season, chemicals such as chlorine would be needed in order to keep the water clean and sterile preventing any mosquitoes with larvae to form. Otherwise, this would cause a major medical, health hazard to the general outside environment. The creator's father knew that, his son couldn't drive his van since he had no auto insurance in his name. Once again, his father had medical problems with his both legs and he was unable to drive his son around in his van. The creator had asked his father if he could do the driving while his father was the passenger. The creator's father gave the his son, the creator the key to start the family van. The creator had walked outside to the driveway. He gone into the van. He inserted the key into the ignition. There was no turnover of the engine after the creator had turn the ignition to start. The creator told his father what happened to the van. The creator's father said that, since it would be his truck someday, go outside and find the problem.
     The creator had light bulb above his head. Why not ask his mother to use her car instead? Of course, his mother or his father would need to be the passenger if the creator was going to drive her car instead. This was the same car driven on the day of the creator's high school graduation before it had pulled into the driveway that day. What the creator didn't know was, this car was partially un-drivable besides with the problems that were already on it. The creator had asked his both parents what was wrong with the family car. Why hasn't the creator's mother been driving the family car at all as he thought?  
    Several weeks back, sometime time during the mid-winter of 1996, there was this one night that, the creator's oldest brother was late for work. The creator's oldest brother needed their father to drive him to work. During that same time frame, the creator's oldest brother's pick-up truck was in the shop and he didn't let anyone drive his truck for any purpose. The creator's father was planning to take the family car into the shop the next day to have it finally serviced with some of the money saved up. The creator's mother wanted to go with to be with her husband. She had let her husband drive her car. The creator's father decided to drive the creator's older brother to work before he was late for work. During the tens (10's) or the twenties (20's) degree cold night, the family car was started. The creator's father needed to drive their one older son to work. Their mother had sat in the back seat. That same night, the creator was working on a computer simulated project based on his operating mountain bike before it had broken down that coming spring. His father had asked him, the creator to stay home anyway and watch the house. The family car had backed out of the driveway that night.
     The engine wasn't warmed up enough for the car to be driven. With the family car which was built in the year of 1979, some parts in it would break down from natural wear and tear over time. One of the cylinder rings had ruptured inside the engine during take-off due to the extreme cold weather that night. By the time the creator's father had gotten the creator's older brother to his work place, that was when the creator's mother had noticed the burning oil smoke emitting from the family car's tail pipe. With the car sitting long enough in the parking lot at the creator's older brother's work place, the wind had the chance to shift and travel the oil smoke towards to where the creator's mother was sitting in the car. The creator's father and mother didn't want to risk driving the family car back home with the condition it was in. With his both legs trying to sleep again due to his clotting arterial condition, he had called for a tow truck instead. The family car was towed home at their expense.
     The creator had listen to the whole thing. With one of the cylinders having its blown rings, the car was practically useless to drive. How would be a way to pick up the chlorine barrels for the swimming pool? How could the family car be driven if a smoke screen due to burning oil keeps on blowing out the tail pipe after each acceleration is proceeded on the street. Once again, the family van had a totally broken starter motor. What could the creator due in a case like this. Both family vehicles down for the count. Now, the creator's father needed to save up more of their budgeted money to have the engine itself serviced. 
     The creator was interested taking a drive out with the family car. He was curious to see how the family car would perform for him. The creator's mother had given him the key to her car. He had gone outside to start the car. The car started right up with no problems. He thought to himself that, this car starts better then his father's van. With a small crack in the van's carburetor system, too much air was going through the intake pipes causing not enough gasoline to mix properly with the existing air. This is why again, the creator needed to place a house brick or a tool vice up against the gas pedal to avoid the engine dying out.

    The creator's mother had sat in the car as the passenger. Since it was a warm spring day. The car's engine didn't require that much time to warm up. The creator had backed out into the street and begin driving. After one stop down the street, nothing was happening. The creator has made another stop and excelled a little faster. Nothing. The was no smoke coming out of the car's exhaust pipe. Maybe the family car had heeled itself as the creator and his mother had thought. The creator decided to pull out onto a busy street from the neighborhood. He accelerated down the highway about a half mile to an intersection. The light was red at the intersection. After a half of a minute or more, the traffic light had turned green. The creator accelerated the family car while at the same time, a white cloud of smoke burst out of the car's tail pipe. The size of the smoke was noticed a few blocks away. The smoke appeared to have a ten (10) foot spherical diameter. The creator had looked back after he had head some beeping from other motorists' cars. He turned his head to his mother and had asked her of how could he keep on driving the car if at one point, he would be stopped by the police for a traffic hazard like this one? Where would he have the money to pay for a ticket? At the next residential street, the creator had made his turn to go back into the neighborhood. Each stop he made, more and smoke would emerge from the rear end of the car. The creator and his mother had made it home to park the family car into the garage. How was the creator going to get the barrel of chlorine for the swimming pool?

     With allot of electrical tape all over the frame of the bike, something didn't appear right however, he hoped the bicycle would be strong enough to carry the fifty-five (55) pound barrel of chorine home once a week on the back of the bike rack. After a few weeks while going into the creator's nineteenth (19th) birthday, now, it was time to go back to searching for job once again. The creator wanted to try again searching for jobs. He felt since he was nineteen, perhaps some employer would recognize him and hire him. More and more weeks had passed into the deep summer. Besides the creator carrying home a fifty-five (55) pound barrel of chorine once each week, now he was also bringing home forty (40) pound bags of dog food every other week. With the creator's older brother finally out of the house due to his insufficient help around the household including his insufficient rent payments, the creator didn't have any intentions of asking his twenty-eight (28) year old brother to barrow his pick-up truck for anything. The creator was just about fully independent riding his bike around the city. Once again, the creator was needed at home more than if he was ever planning to join the armed services. Who would take care of the creator's parents?
     The creator had in idea which was from that new years day when he had studied his father's wheel chair. The was an idea which the creator had. He knew at this point, his chance of job opportunities were becoming very difficult beyond his control. His idea was, why not convert his mother's mountain bike into a bike used for medical issues. Motorists would see that a human on a bicycle can't go as fast as cars especially when carrying heavy objects for transport. The creator didn't have the logical time to think of why, no one but, no one was hiring him for a job. He knew for sure that two family vehicles were both down for the count. So, using the special abilities for survival purposes, a "Slow Moving Vehicle" sign was made along with plastic PVC pipes for the pull toe. With the existing electrical system on his mother's mountain bike, Christmas lights were used as tail lights. With the computerized engineering simulations finished in the creator's computer lab that very cold night when the family car had blown its rings, the creator had accomplished his design for the 1996 year but, didn't seem to be enough quality as strength would go. The appearance of the bike was ok but, something else was missing. The first illustration below is the top of the bike facing the left of the screen. The next set of illustrations below the first one are the sides of the bike. They are the front-side of the bike, the right-side of the bike, the left-side of the bike and the rear of the bike including the rear-lights of the bike.  
    During the Friday and Saturday summer nights, the creator would hang with his buddies which he had known from school. The creator would hang with some of them at the neighborhood pool hall. Some times, the creator would come across some more of his buddies on the street while riding around. He would sit and talk with them. Some one them had been kicked out of their homes and needed a place to stay. The creator and his both parents had insufficient financial means to have anyone move into their house. Some friends of the creator's had offered illegal street substances as collateral to the creator as a passage of room and board. The creator's mental abilities were incompatible to physically use any of the illegal street substances which his friends had in their hands. The creator had refused to touch or take anything out of their hands however, the creator did suggest to them where to go for medical recovery instead of prison. Why did they take that stuff, as the creator had thought.
      The creator was too young to know that much about the hidden part of society or what might be called, "The underworld". All the creator was interested in was hoping that some employer would hire him for a good paying job. Some of the those weekend nights, the creator would hang with his buddies some more. He would see some his friends including the younger ones driving in fancy cars. Some of these fancy cars would have nice lights such as drag lights along with cool looking rims to go with them. Nice decals and powerful, deep-base boom boxes in their trunks. Where did they get the money for that stuff as he would ponder over his modified bike. The creator had asked his buddies what their secret was. The creator didn't what was going on. Two of his buddies had approached him and presented their illegal plant like substances in two plastic lunch bags. The creator looked at both of them while it they had the plant chunks in their both hands. He had looked at them and ask of what could he with that even though, he had no interest in consuming the illegal street substance. They told the creator in front of his other buddies that he can grow it to make money. The creator had explained to them that, he has no knowledge of growing house plants unlike his mother. The creator's mother has a great hobby in growing house plants as the creator had explained this to them. The both guys looked at each other, they both looked back at the creator, they had placed their bags back into their pockets, they turned their backs and walked away from the creator. 

     The creator had gone back outside to the van. He had check the wiring which lead from the starter itself to the solenoid. He check on the battery. Battery power was fine. The rest of the wiring itself which deals with the starter assembly was fine. The creator had got under the truck to view the starter motor. The creator had gone into the garage or workshop to get some wrenches and  other auto tools. The creator had removed the starter by loosening the bolts and taking it apart. The creator had looked into the hole where the fly gear would be at. Some of the teeth were worn out. The gear which pops up when the starter motor is in motion was totally worn out with a crack down to the motor's drive shaft. The start motor was a junk. This means, the van sat in the drive like a heavy weight with four bald tires and over eighty-thousand (85,000) miles on it to go with it. Where was the creator going to get the money to replace the current started motor?