Behind the Scenes of the Creation, 

"Thombogo's Flea Market"

(This small portion was taken out of the undeveloped book of, "The Evolution Thombogo - From then, Now, and Beyond" in order to expedite this portion of the website) 


Chapter One

- Devotion and Development -

     One day, a long while back, the last stage of the, "Thombogo's Flea Market" was just about completed for archive and memorial  purposes for, Sanactrade. Any of the past items that were industrial / workshop related needed to be sold for the move taking place. The hard work, put into creating the different listings for the items was more to pay honor to, Sanactrade's father to be remembered. He was a great re-modeler and a wood craftsman.

     During, Sanactrade's younger years around the age of realization, perhaps around four or five years old and through school years, his time was spent in the workshop with his father. Because of, Sanactrade's father being a very constructive man during his life time, this had interested, Sanactrade which had brought him into more opportunities later on in life for the type of mind he could develop from his father's skills and including whatever is mother taught him.

     On school days, after, Sanactrade would come home to do his homework, he then would go outside and spend time with has father. His father would say some thing like, "Son, you can be outside and play, you don't have to stay in here and be bored." The question is, how would, Sanactrade have the interest to go out to play with his peers when during his time of internal development, he sometimes would here the external sounds of his father, sawing, drilling, sweeping, hammering and more through his mother's stomach when she was out in the workshop with his father?

     On the weekends and during the summer time months, sometime was spent in the workshop. Sanactrade would bring out his toys to spend time with his father. Because of the ten year age gap between, Sanactrade and his three older siblings, there was not much in common for him. His two older brothers and his older sister by then were going into their next step of life which was already two or three steps ahead of, Sanactrade.

    There were times that, Sanactrade's father wasn't in the workshop, instead most of his time was spent with his mother especially several weeks before, Christmas time when his father needed to work alone in the workshop to create Christmas presents for family and friends. That time couldn't be spent with his father, as these were all surprise gifts for Christmas.

     As the years for, Sanactrade had gone by, the more he requested his father to teach him the skills on how to use the various types of tools in the workshop. Electric power tools such as a table saw, band saw, sander, wood shaper, an air compressor and whatever was to come, Sanactrade became more curious about how to use these tools. Along with those, there were power hand tools including other types of tools such as, hand or power drills, mini-sanders, orbital sanders, paint sprayers, levels, rulers, pipe and tap dies, wire strippers and so much more to explore. During Sanactrade's years learning about industrial tools, another skill which was unabridged together was the natural ability of learning about computers.

     These were some of the tools that were used for remodeling the same house which is currently listed for sale at another part of this website, under, "House 4 Sale". Now, at this point during the listing of the house, there was no need for most of the these tools which were listed by, Sanactrade. All of the listings which had dealt with industrial machinery including other related listings which have been presented by, Sanactrade were more of a memorial to his father. This part of the website, was something that his father wanted because of the time that was spent together, "father and son" in the workshop. 

     Before going on, the moral part of this story is that, when you begin your journey spending time with your parents, even before you are first placed in your crib after birth all the way until you graduate from high school and then a year or two later on, one of your parents passes on after all the years your father and/or mother had spent devoting their time to love teaching their child and/or children, how would you feel!

Chapter Two

- Preserve now or all other data obliterated -

     This project did not begin for internet development until the beginning of the 2007 summer. Its was time to go outside in the quiet yard, sit in the shade, feel the soft warm wind blowing all around while mother nature was doing the rest of her job and then think about how put this part of the past into words. Think about tools and other items which were sold in the past already, items selling during the present if any and then think about future business ventures. 

      So far, Sanactrade needed to go back into his old files and the rest of the unsorted data to form the birth of, "Thombogo's Flea Market". This was not as easy, as he thought however, al lot of extended time and thought was strongly needed. So many items sold, some unsold and a few refunded. In chronological theory there was a large group of entities making up as the staff of Thombogo* whom had helped Sanactrade along the way in order to overcome the current barrier however, that wasn't the hardest barrier. That barrier later was yet to come in Sanactrade's near future as this project was currently just starting. During mid summer of 2007, with the rest of the data such as pictures, files and more where being collected and figured out.

      Lets begin with phase two. It had taken major thinking to know how to lay out the web page patterns. Coordinating with hyperlinks, graphics, some basic java programming was all taken into step by step. Place web pages with items and hyperlinks with web pages. Where was this all going? Know in the pretence, that auction website was in the process of deleting, Sanactrade's older item listings. All that work, destroyed.

     Program data here, program data there. Some crazy files, Sanactrade was unable to figure out. How would other members of that auction website be able to figure out who, Sanactrade is when there would be no data about his past listings to help in the present about who, Sanactrade is or what he represents? Al lot of information was important to, Sanactrade. How would deleted listings help, Sanactrade?

     End of summer 2007 was approaching. As new testament was coming forth for, Sanactrade's future for the, "Thombogo's Flea market", that barrier hiding in, Sanactrade's path of life was still yet to come. This one barrier was just not ready to reveal it self yet.  Sanactrade was not aware of this. Allot of hard work was put into this major project already. Phase two was just finishing up.

     Phase three had begun. It the beginning of the 2007 fall season. Who were the members, Sanactrade was involved in? Who did what and how. What were the past results? What was sent, emailed or/and shipped? It was time for an audit for all of, Sanactrade's past listings. Who paid for what? How was it paid and so on. The digital system this project was being worked on by, was beginning to cause a small or a little wheezing sound from with-in itself. The noise was a little piercing but, unable to determine exactly what this quite noise was.

Chapter Three

- Down in the digital dumps, a computer's nightmare for death -

     Almost a month in-a-half to go until opening day of November of 2007. Sanactrade felt, there was no turning back now. This barrier too did not want to turn back on its own either. October 2007 is here. This project was about a week ahead of schedule. This noise was getting a little louder and louder from the system each day. Sanactrade did not know what is was. Was it the video card due to the hard graphics put into the, "Thombogo's Flea Market" project so far? During the project, this wheezing sound was beginning to turn into a fluctuating whistling instead. 

     Each time a power fluctuation would take place in the digital system, the whistling noise would coordinate with all sorts of pitches matching the amount of power used from the other internal and external electronic components though out the system. Sanactrade's mom was unable to know what the cause was. Knowing that Christmas was later around the corner, this project was under theoretical contract to be completed by, November of 2007. The whistling, what was it? When at a certain pitch, one of, Sanactrade's pet dogs, would sit up on the kitchen floor, begin walking, would approach the system or computer, pick up it head, cock his ear, and bark at it almost every time..

     One Friday night, Sanactrade and his mother were coming home with groceries from the store. Sanactrade knew the project at the point was finally finished. Just a matter sending the data of Thombogo at the website. Tired, hungry and sleepy for both, Sanactrade and his mother. Sanactrade had walked in and thought the power was tripped in the room. The TV. was on. Other electoral items were on. "What's wrong with my box that processes the, "1's" and "0's" for me", as Sanactrade had mumbled to himself. He noticed there was a cigarette smoke like trail emitting from the upper vent of the metal / steel box.

    He did attempt to take it apart until he come across the factory seal sticker. Unable to afford a new system at this time due to the cost of the usual online bills coming around again for the month. Was there time to go to the local library and pay the bills?  Was there the time for, Sanactrade to a look at it? Let the professionals take a look at it in the morning. Even the power button did not turn on when pressed. Take it in the morning, get it repaired. The project, "Thombogo's Flea Market" was in jeopardy.

Chapter Four

- Bring on the Computer Doctors, Begin the Analysis -

     Sanactrade knew who would be on the top of the list to fix this. Who are those technicians, those guys who fix computers if it is something a computer owner is unable to find on their own? The next morning, Sanactrade was looking up the store which had that, "price tag" like store sign on its outside wall while he was holding his computer in his arms. His mother and him both decided to walk in, and approached the desk.

     Sanactrade had looked over the computer repair desk and thought to himself, "Who are these guys?" as he pondered with a puzzled look on his face. "This store before was moved from the last west corner of this long mini mall, over here where a hardware store used to be", as he had thought some more. "This store never had these types of computer technicians from that, squad team working at its previous store about five or six doors down, perhaps they might be just as good to repair my system", as he stated to his mom in the new store. Count on reasonable hope?

    Two technicians had approached, Sanactrade and his mom at the desk in the store. the way the conversation had taken pace between the four of us was more like a movie script format such as like this,...

(This deposition of past events was based on what took place depending on what was closely remembered as humanly possible - this data in the transcript will be as objective as possible)

(No names will be mentioned in this deposition)

Technician one: "Can I help you?" - While looking straight to Sanactrade and his mother.

Sanactrade: "Yes, my computer doesn't turn on when I pressed on the power button right here, it blew out sometime, yesterday evening." - as he points to the button.

Technician one: "Um, mother board might be blown out, you fried it, you will have to buy a totally new computer." - Sanactrade was scratching the back of his head and leaning his head to the left as the technician laid down his words of despair as Sanactrade had felt, of course he thought they were words of wisdom - oh yeah!.

This was the barrier, this was barrier that was going to prevent the, "Thombogo Flea Market" from ever happening.

Sanactrade's Mother: "He just bought the d? thing just last year, it's only a year old."

Technician two: "Did you get a warranty for it?" - while he was placing his hand under his chin to think about what else to say next.

Sanactrade: "Well, no, I was on a budget at the time, the computer before this one blew out due to a processor with the wrong buss speed which was installed without its heat sink connected to the top of the processor, I know that was fried for sure, listen, did you want the books and the old sales slip on this one here before servicing it? ." - As he cocked his head towards the other computers over the desk that were in the process of being serviced too.

Technician one: "We will ask for that later on but, dude, get a new computer, it would be faster than this one with more hard drive space along with more memory" - and then , the technician gave Sanactrade a big smile on his face. The other technician was looking at the same computers behind him after following the same direction that Sanactrade eyes were viewing after he had cocked his head.

Sanactrade's Mother: "My son bought this computer here, well at your other store  and he still owes quite a bit on it, this is very unusual, isn't it?"

Technician two: "Did you have your computer here connected to a power surge strip?"

Sanactrade: "Yes, I did". - as he spoke with concern for his computer.

Technician two: "Well, look, if it still blew out even though it was plugged into a power surge strip then, it's possible that you might even have fried the sister systems inside this thing such as your hard drive, CD/DVD ROM drives, the video card, the processors and more. Trash it, ok?"

Sanactrade: "Could you please, do a diagnostic on my computer anyway?" - after he had picked up his eyes after studying their service menu on their desk.

Sanactrade's Mother: "Is this like a whole diagnostic system on the computer?" - With a puzzled look on her face.

Technician two: "We can't say that there is a single stage diagnostic for your computer if that is what you are saying, you can begin with using the basic stage."

Sanactrade's Mother: "What price range are you talking about?"

Technician one: "Well, it depends on how damaged your computer system is, it depends from the mother board down to the other connected systems and sometimes if those other sub system are damaged too, you wouldn't be able to use them for other computers, it would cost more money to ship your computer out to be fixed depending on what we find damaged." - as the first technician spoke his words of so called wisdom.

Sanactrade's Mother: "I just can't believe it, my son had this computer for a little over a year and this, how can you be sure?" - as his mother was trying to understand the concept of the situation. 

Sanactrade: "This computer, if it was in the blue book, would be worth about between $375.00 to $400.00, what should I do here with the money I owe on it, now?"- While asking for some support and reasoning.

Technician two: "Hey, man, things just happen, sometimes, that's life, I bought my computer a year ago too, in six months, it had broken, the hard drive had crashed, I had found out that it was lemon, all right, dude?"

Sanactrade: "What happens with the data on my hard drive, itself?" - As, Sanactrade gave him a puzzled look.

Technician two: "I had thrown out that hard drive and bought a new one and I was at least able to have the whole computer itself running, it's been working ever since."

Sanactrade: "Do you suppose it has anything to do with the power supply in the computer, the whistling was emanating from there."

Technician two: "Well, it might be but, this computer of yours would need a diagnostic, anyway".

Sanactrade: "One of you had said before that, there is a basic or first stage diagnostic"

Technician one: "Well, yah, like he said, there is the basic stage diagnostic, it is where the power system and motherboard is checked to see if the power is flowing evenly around the motherboard." - while Sanactrade was planning to hand over his computer over the desk.

Technician two: "If you like, we are going to run a test on it and see what happens, you and you mom can wait, browse the store of whatever you would like to do while we both check this out".

Sanactrade: "All right, cool, we be back, thanks!" - as Sanactrade had walked away with his mom and had put up is thumb with some great confidence.

Chapter Five

- Combination of other Refurbished Computers, is the Diagnose the Right One -

     Time to find that barrier and destroy it. Almost ten minutes had gone by. Sanactrade was worried. He was thinking to himself how is the, Thombogo Flea Market" Project going to be known? It would be four months of hard work all wasted for nothing. All for nothing. His mom was concerned. With the personal experience of computers, something still wasn't right.

     With that thought in his head, he really had felt that something just wasn't right. He was walking around in circles in the store thinking about this one company which sells all sorts of computer equipment, accessories and supplies. This is the same company which also sends out its two separate catalogs about office furniture and industrial equipment. From studying the contents in their computer catalog, it had seemed, there were quite a few refurbished computer desktops that were on sale. There were all different types of desktop computers. Which one to choose if need to be?

     Standing there by the DVD movie shelves, across the isle away from the technician's computer desk, Sanactrade was thinking about the product listings in those computer catalogs. It was the desktop computers he was thinking about in the listings. He had thought and thought about this while his mother was checking out some of the DVD movies away from him giving him some space to think. As he remembered, there was this one particular computer company which used to have the Golden, "G" sign before the silver cow skinned box emblem had seemed to have allot of refurbished computers everywhere on those desktop computer pages.

     There seemed to be quite a few of their computers on some of the pages listed as refurbished more than the other computers manufactured by their companies alone. Since the current computer that was supposedly blown out as stated by the technicians, could this be a pattern with the computer which was used for the, "Thombogo Flea Market" project since is has the silver cow skinned box emblem on it too? Got to be a connect some how.

     Well, the ten minutes were finally up. Did they find anything reasonable that could been repaired on it? Sanactrade and his mother approached the desk waiting for answers. The two technicians approached behind the desk with answers which had some doubt in them.

Technician two: "Well, we both have examined your computer and the basic stage diagnostic demonstrates that your computer is totally fried, no reason for any other further diagnostics, do you want us to have the computer or do you want us to box it back up or close it back up and give it back to you?"

Sanactrade's Mother: "What?" - Showing disgust in her face.

Sanactrade: "What do you mean, it's ruined?" - Before buckling his lips together.

Technician One: "Our machine has shown it up, as a simple power failure and a circuit board failure too." - While he stood there next to the other computer technician with his arms also folded.

Sanactrade: "If you wouldn't mind me asking, could I please view the results on the screen or could you print them up instead, I am just curious?"

Technician One: "Well, you see..." - As he attempts to think of what to say.

Technician Two: "I'll tell him, The results that would show up on our screen are encoded information and you or your mom might not understand, the diagnostic results."

Sanactrade: "Um, ah, ok, box it up".

Technician One: "You don't want us to keep it? You said that you the have the books and some type of a sales slip on it."

Sanactrade's Mother: "Did you want him to keep it?" - While showing mild anger, confusion and disgust to the both technicians standing there over the desk.

Sanactrade: "Guys, just box it up, ok, I'll take it home" - as he rubbed his closed mouth while looking to the right to his mother with some hurt in his eyes.

Technician Two: "Ok, screw it all back together with that screwdriver" as he turns to the other technician asking him to do just that.

Sanactrade: "Hey, wait a minute, Keep boxing mine, what if I decided to save some money and buy a used one or a bare bones kit computer, do you sell them here?"

Technician Two: "Sorry dude, you would have to contact a computer company or another computer outlet that would do that type of business for you, we don't do that here."

Sanactrade: "My computer right now, you are unable to fix it?" - As he holds up his chin and scratches his cheek bone on his tired face.

Technician Two: "Well, you could have us send it in but, with the delivery charge for just sending it, them taking a look at it, installing any parts in it, looking it over again and then testing it once again, you are talking about $400.00, more then what your computer is worth at this point, buy a new one." - as he had turned around to see if the other technician was finishing boxing the computer up.

Sanactrade's Mother: "Would you know if there are any computers on sale right now in the store?"

Technician Two: "Well, we don't know for sure what's going on in the computer department back there, but, you see that, see where I am pointing with my finger over there, ask the guy sitting at the front door who's sitting at the security desk for the sales paper, ok?" - While the other technician was placing, Sanactrade's computer on the desk to take.

Sanactrade: "All right, thanks anyway, bye..." - As, Sanactrade takes his computer with his mom and they both walk away, to get the paper.      

Chapter Six

- Planning the break the Main Barrier, The Nervous System as a Scope -

     It was still in the back of, Sanactrade's head knowing about so many of those computers with the silver cow skin box emblem. So many of them were refurbished like that as shown in that computer catalog? How could there be something that major as money would go, if so many of those computers were fixed like that. What were those two technicians planning to do with, Sanactrade's computer since it originally had to come from the same assembly plant like those other ones with the silver cow skin box emblem on it, should he give the computer to them. In this case, what was the best investment to do?

     Was this the end for the project, "Thombogo, Flea Market"?  Was all that data about that project destroyed? After handling the computer and then bringing it back to the desk, Sanactrade had to make a decision weather the computer should be given life or destroy it. Time wasn't going his way. Time will never stop for any man except the leader whom controls our universe. This computer was going to be fixed one way or another. That weird whistling noise, it has something to do with the different amount of power being distributed through out the computer's circuitry.

     When, Sanactrade was about twelve years old, there was this junky old 13" TV set which he had taken apart. For safety issues, it would not be explained in detail on how this TV set was taken apart. While the television was on, something had happen to, Sanactrade. It was something which has taken, Sanactrade a few years to understand the physical dynamics of charged power. While studying that old operating TV set, at one point, Sanactrade by accident had made physical contact with this thick wire leading from the round coil which leads to the side of the TV tube

    This had taken place while his other hand was grounded on the circuit board itself. Sanactrade was about to the feel the 60 pulses of the current going up and down though out his arm per second. It was like getting zapped by a bug light. In a way, his nervous system was acting like an organic oscilloscope feeling that energy running through him. Remembering back to those few seconds being shocked like a human mosquito, Sanactrade wondered about the power fluctuations in the power supply inside his computer.

     Besides, feeling that shock from that old, broken TV set, there were special situations that Sanactrade had experienced which took place in a sequence of events to help, Sanactrade to go back to the old school and replicate those ancient skills of his. Sanactrade had no idea of how really far those two technicians had probed into the computer. Why not open it and fix it himself. Let's see, a usual amount of dust on the motherboard and a usual amount of dust on the sister boards and on other computer components as well.

Chapter Seven

- So Close to Junk, Jumpstart to Recovery, Use Life Experience to Give it Life -

     Shouldn't there be fresh finger prints on any of the parts inside the computer's body? The computer had been opened but, no indication of anything that has ever been touched or inspected. After several attempts to turn on the computer after it was all opened up, the only conclusion is that by using special Thombogian diagnostic technology, it had something to do with the power supply box. The whistling noise has something to do with the power supply box.

     It was time take to take apart the power box itself and check it out. After forgetting to unplug it, then repositioning the power supply box on a plate of paper, the circuit board appeared to be fully intact with no indication of showing damage. What was wrong? Was it the motherboard itself that was fried? Sanactrade had decided once again to reposition the exposed power supply board until his finger had touched to top of one of the main capacitors while he had still forgotten to unplug it from the wall.

     All of a sudden there was this charge of power going up his finger to his hand. These was this feeling of alternating current going through his nervous system. He had left go of the capacitor and had thought to himself of why, is there some alternating current being emitted from the capacitor instead steady direct current. Something is not right. That would mean that one of those one way current nodes, transistor or the silicon based rectifiers are on their way blowing completely out and one of them might be not working to regulate the current on a even basis.

     Depending on what external circuit path ways appeared to be somewhat worn out, some general soldering needed to be done. Sanactrade, had hooked up all the wiring back to together. After several light taps by pressing the power button, the blue light inside outlined circle was beginning to glow in and out. More and more of the blue glow from the diode was glowing more and more similar to the eyeball of the cyborg which was glowing its red light more and more from the famous sequel movie after its power was rerouted from being stabbed in its lower back.

    The bios startup screen was beginning to display. All the usual data was showing up on the screen. There was no physical damage to the motherboard or anywhere else in the computer however, that whistling in the power supply was beginning its sound again after one minute after the computer was on. As, Sanactrade had placed his one ear over the power supply box, it had sounded as if micro power ions where touching up inside the transistors or power nodes instead evenly flowing around them. After the computer was on for about four to five minutes, the whistling had gotten louder and louder and finely the computer had shut off by it self. Parts were naturally worn out in the power supply box itself.

     With a new power supply box replacement and repair by, Sanactrade, the computer was given life, again.


                                                                                                                          New power supply box replacing old 

                      This is the computer while using a form of,                                            power supply box.

                         Thombogian Diagnostic Technology.












* = Company Trademark

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