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Sears Craftsman / Dunlap 1/3 HP Motor - 115.7269


Zip code Location is 60803 (6 Miles South from Midway Airport next to Chicago, IL)


Sears Craftsman / Dunlap 1/3 HP Motor



This motor could be used for some uses.


For industrial machines, home, pumps, fans or any use you feel this motor could be used for. Motor starts up smoothly, quietly. All motors I’m selling here on Ebay (Under other items, Sanactrade is Selling) were checked out by plugging each of them in or hooking wires on other motors which didn’t have plugs to plug into sockets. All motors like this one in the picture have been oiled and cleaned up.


The next set of lines under “Label Specs” is any information I was able to read or find on the motor’s label. All motors are made out of steel frame. All of motors are between 15 to 20 Lbs. If any motors are going to be shipped, they would be shipped in bubble wrap & newspaper in each package that would have the dimensions of 6” square x 12” Long weighing 16 to 21 pounds each. For any motors that would have the 5/8” Dia shaft would require a shaft key. All shafts (5/8” Dia or/and ˝” Dia) on both sides of some motors or on one side of some motors have the minimum length of 1-1/2” long.


Shipping cost? I’ll charge you my standard shipping amount (For margin of error) of $20.00 (in my invoice) because of motor’s weight. If shipping / postage is under that $20.00, that rest of that remaining money you gave to me for the shipping alone, will go into your Paypal account. You will receive a scanned copy (requires your real email address) of the receipt and a conformation number to view your package’s whereabouts once you’re your package had been shipped / posted.



Questions?, email me through Ebay.


“Label Specs”


Name of Motor – Sears Craftsman / Dunlap


Horse Power – 1/3


Volts - 115


AMPS – 5.8


R.P.M.’s – 1,750


HZ/CYC/PH – 60


Phase – Split


Frame – Unable to Locate


Front Shaft – 1/2” Screw w/ Flat Side


Rear Shaft – 1/2” Screw w/ Flat Side


Motor Type – 5R160


Model – 115.7269 (Sears)


MFG. Model – Unable to Locate


Class – Unable to Locate


Does the Motor Come With Base? – Yes


How is Base Mounted On? – Welded On


Thermally Protected – Unable to Locate


S.F.A – Unable to Locate


Time Rating – Unable to Locate


Code – Unable to Locate


A Cord Attached to it? – Yes


With Plug? – Yes (Two Prong)


Grounded Plug?  - No


Note: This Motor Has a Touchy Built-in ON/OFF Switch.


Shaft Hold - Ball Bearing



         Any questions? Email Me through Ebay.





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