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Sears Craftsman 125 PSI Twin-Cylinder Air Compressor

Sears Craftsman 125 PSI Twin-Cylinder Utility Air Compressor

Model 106.175781


(Upgraded detailed gauge, internal piping reinforced along with fresh #30 oil)

It might be used but still goes pretty strong.

This baby compresses about 1 to 1.25 PSI of air for every second while running.

If the air gauge is at “0” and you start this compressor up, it would take about 2 to 3 minutes to compress air into 125 (118) pounds.

(Gauge range 0 – 200).

To be straight with you about price, I’ll start the bid at $85.00.

Why so low?

The closes compared model to this air compressor would be the Craftsman Professional 24 Gallon Air compressor with its 2 horse motor and twin-cylinder pump.

(Sears item #00919568000) at the website.)

Punch #00919568000 at their search screen or goto to take the one click shortcut instead. That one is selling for $549.00. (Save about $464.00 - $462.00 depending on bid amount).

My compressor might home some similarities even though the main issue is my air compressor is horizontal unlike to other one being vertical. In that case, that doesn’t effect the air performance on either of them.

This item is considerably in great condition. Need to sell because of moving and estate sale. New #30 oil in the cylinder oil pan.



Go to ok?

You will see two empty boxes.

Type in “106.175781” in the box which would ask you to type in the model number.

The next screen will verify that the item was located and then you click on that blue “continue” box under that “product section” box once after you selected the dot for the “view part list” or

“view diagram”.

(You can print up the diagram or/and part list using your web browser).

If you are the winning bidder, I’ll leave that copy of the information in a folder on the air compressor shroud for pick up.

Tip: One the top of the shroud are key instructions on how to take care/operate this item.

For the diagram, (Parts that were replaced / upgraded)

#89. Compression sleeve

#12. ½” compression nut

#55. Copper Tube

#62. Compression fitting ½ in tube X ¾ in pipe

 Four of those parts were replaced by 3/8” steel pluming pipes to eliminate leaks from tank to Regulator sub-assembly (#51.)

 #03. Drain Valve – was replaced by an upgraded drain valve.

 #52. 200 PSI Regulator Gauge – This one with its broken dial was replace by a new one.

 #33. Shroud – was cut/trimmed on its top to get easy access to the on/off switch after 3/8” pipe had set the internal parts about 1/2” lower then usual under the shroud. This has no effect on the compressor’s general performance.



Power Option                   -              Powered

Item Weight                       -             172.5 lbs. (Placed on bathroom scale)

CFM Delivery:

CFM Delivers @ 40 psi    -              8.8 CFM              (249.2 slm @ 276 KPA)

CFM Delivers @ 90 psi    -              7.4 CFM                (209.6 slm @ 621 KPA)


Compressor Tank Capacity     -        20 gal / 75.7 Liters.

Maximum Compressor psi      -       125 psi (Actually goes up to 118 psi)

Easy pressure screw to adjust.

(Each full rotation clockwise on screw equals for every 10 more pounds to compress).

Compressor Tank Pump Style -         Twin Cylinder using #30 oil (Yes new oil)


Horsepower                    -                 2 hp

Type                                 -                 Electric


Wheels Type                    -                Semi-pneumatic tires (1-1/2” W x 9” Dia.)

Wheel Number                 -                2


Overall Color                 -     Dark Green / Navy Blue with a thick plastic green belt guard / shroud with some black, silver, white from the wheel rims/ wheels / motor cord /Ect.


(I measured as close as possible).

Length  = 43-1/2” (From the front end of the pull handle to the back end of the tank.)                                                                                                                                 

Width   = 18-1/4” (From one side of the wheel to the other side of the other wheel.)

Height =  32-7/8” (From the bottom of both wheels or stand to the top edge of the gauge.)



(Can be converted to 120V using different motor)

(Might take emailing to discuss that before you place your bid if you want the 120V Conversion) - Will not cost extra.

About the motor.

Make    -            Doerr Motor, Co.

Horse power = 2

RPM’s – 3,450

AMP’s - 12

Thermally Protected & Single Phase operated @ 60 Hertz

Frame – H56

The tank and twin-cylinder pump is made out of steel.

Speed Ratio (Speed of motor pulley to the speed of the air pump pulley) = 1:5.

New #30 oil in the pump tank. (#20 oil is used during winter seasons unless air compressor is used at room temperature.)

If you have other question about this item, let me know.

Pictures are on the bottom.

Pickup only and easy to get into your car / truck.

How to pay when you place your bid,

You will be given the option to pay by check, credit card or

 pay with your paypal  account into my paypal Account.

Until amount is cleared. I’ll call you for pick-up. Paypal is

instant pay,Credit card takes about a day or two to clear, paying

by check takes about five to seven days to clear.

                                                                                 Thanks, Derek

tact me through Ebay.  

P.S. Manual included with trouble-shoot pages


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