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Sears Craftsman 1/2 Horse Drill Press w/ Manual (Great)

Sears Craftsman ½ Horse Drill Press with drill guide & 

Model #113.24560

In great condition.

Strong study steel construction with very little rust or no rust at all.

(There might be some rust pit marks on the motor and under the top cover but, will not effect the performance of the drill press itself)

Machine has been cleaned up. Smooth running, very quite. On wheels not heavy.

It’s a built-in light using up to 75 Watts.

Spindle assembly goes up/down 6-1/8” and the drill Dia. size chuck is 5/8”.

9 Different R.P.M.’s of Drill Cutting Speeds. Easy to adjust speeds.

R.P.M.’s are from 650, 800, 1050, 1350, 1725, 2350, 2700, 3550 & 5000.

6 Feet High, 19” Wide, & 30” From front to back & the weight is around 125 – 150 Pounds.

Table dimension are 13” long from front edge to the front edge of the pipe made out of cast iron and 10” wide. Table is secured using lock barrel.

Overall color is Dark blue.

Bolted on Ύ” wooden base with three 7/8” Wide x Dia. steel casters.

(Base itself is high and included with drill press)

About the motor.

It is a Sears general purpose motor (Stated on label).

Its model # is 113.12140

Single Phase

Runs on 110 Voltes of AC Power @ 60 cyc/hzts. (Drill Press is Grounded)

½ Horse.

7.4 amps.

Frame/body of motor is F56Z.

Also comes with its chuck key and allen wrench.

Why starting bid at $125.00.

To compare prices with other sears’ drill presses, go to and type in “drill presses” at their search and click on the orange/red icon with white letters marked, “go”.

Then click on that upside-down triangle on the right side of the word, “price“.

You might notice the first four or five drill presses and their prices. (From high to low).

Might save over $100.00 or more.

Feel free to contact me and ask about the drill press. J

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      I’ll email you (the winning bidder) when funds are cleared for pickup.


                                                                             Thanks, Derek


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$107.50 - However,  item was returned due to damaged part for full refund.