If you are ready to embark on this wonderful exploration, let Thombogo guide you  through the 3D navigation of the property. 

[For those who have known me as “Sanactrade” through one of largest internet stores where items as “it” (as advertised in Television commercials) are sold / Bought at “Bid” or “Buy Now” prices, welcome back folks.]

 Each picture of the lot, house & garage was taken at different locations & different angles too. Some pictures together are before and after pictures to indicate the improvement of the property over time or pictures that would be related to other single /grouped pictures about the listing. This would be similar as if a particular area or location or an object anywhere on the property was taken at different camera angles. Then, those pictures grouped together with information relating to those same pictures at one time when navigating into the video(s) on the, “Gallery Page” page.

 All of these 2D pictures are traditional JPG pictures taken from a .75 / 1.1 mega-pixel camera at 32 bit colors to display vivid, sharp images of the property’s detail. Each 2D picture comes with its own information about the property’s detail.  All of the 3D pictures in the Thombogo Sphere View are traditional JPG pictures scanned from a well known computer aided drawing (C.A.D.) program at 32 bit colors to display hide/shade/line detail. This was accomplished by using a 31 step process to coordinate the formation of the 3D angles. Data is subject to change do to updates without notice.

There is so much compressed information about this unique property, this property has been divided into three categories on the gallery page to view information in each of the 2D picture scenes. While visiting the, “Top View Picture Selection” page, icons are placed in different spots to indicate the areas on the property. Each icon when clicked on will direct to the scene(s) / picture(s) related to that area on the property. This is a similar process is if the same pictures were being selected in the, “Gallery Page” page.

When using sphere view, the 3D pictures of this property can be viewed at 3 different slop angles during any 3 zooms at 16 common angles. Addition to that, more 3D pictures of the house’s basement, main level, second level and the garage can be viewed at 16 common angles in synchronization while selecting any of them in the sphere view. 3 different top views along with the super aerial view & 4 separate top views of the house’s basement, main level, second Level and the garage.

That’s 216 different views total!

- Notice -

During this listing, some pictures along with information might be added to upgrade/improve listing with-in this website related to other information presented by Thombogo. © 2007 - 2008