Swimming Pool

Like to swim? Cool off from the sun?


Wonderful place to hang-out for a tan.


Allot of space in this 24 feet diameter round X 3 feet high above-ground pool containing an average water volume of 14,000 -/+ 100 gallons.


Water appears depending on weather changes through out the day or night.


Evergreen trees for privacy along with the light-brown colored strips shown in the later scenes.


Short time required for maintenance. Exhaust hose can be used to avoid a sloppy pool water mess.


Times would go by and friends would visit the pool to hang out too.


More privacy for the walls and door.


One the top of the four wooden corners of the blue wooden posts surrounding the pool are low-voltage spot lights facing the center of the pool. These lights are compatible with using low voltage timers.


Pool deck is mostly made out of treated wood. Deck is about 30 feet wide by 34 feet depth. Deck floor has the same height as top of the pool except for the 2 inch high, white painted, 17-piece steel borders surrounding the pool. 


Secure fencing around the pool's filtration system with concrete bottom. Four 120 volt outlet electric box for the pool filtration system, deck cleaning equipment, extra lighting and more located on the right side next to the staircase that lead up to the pool deck.


Filtration system can be upgraded for stronger performance.