Main Patio

Mostly privacy enclosed 24 feet by17 feet quiet concrete ground area.


A place to dine outside in private. 


Light up any oil lights or candles in the patio to keep the environment pest free. Great large 3 feet wide X 6 feet high wooden gate with a steel gate attached insuring privacy,  Wood bar above gate was installed for wooden fence later on.


Stairway down to the basement. Security light for the basement entrance along with steel door & oak wooden storm-upper-screen door to bring the breeze. General door opening is 3 feet w.


Hose outlet used for watering. Could be used for giving a pet or pets a bath, wash the auto in the driveway next the wooden fence or used to wash surrounding windows or anything else.


Door way for the den room's crawlspace for easy storage. 17 feet square x 2 feet high. All concrete flooring.


4000 BTU double side barbecue with 3 common heat settings to make food crispy,  tasty and delicious as chicken would go. This barbecue also has a shut-off valve built-in into the base stand for safety if going on a vacation.


Note - Green stairway in/out door carpet was replaced with tan n/out door carpet in the following scenes.


Upgraded carpet to resist snow accumulation to avoid slippage on the patio stairway.


Huge high-efficient 3 feet square X 3 feet high quiet-running air conditioner in a protected area.