Garbage Days

One of the greatest issues is no

 leftovers to deal with when or while moving into this wonderful property.


Do to 35 years of accumulation, hording & pack rating, allot of useless, un-sellable items needed to be let go.


So much of old wooden cabinets, dilapidated shelves, broken bottles, more junk, buckets, metal sinks, rusty auto rims & rotting tires including broken auto parts, missing tile pieces, electrical items, old out-of-date hospital equipment and more was taking up too much space until was dumped into this 8 feet x 16 feet x 5 feet strong steal dumpster. Due to a secret fast process, all this garbage was filled in both bins within four hours that morning by one single person.


Due to budget issues, what was unable to fit into the dumpster had to go into groups on other coming garbage days to avoid a rental extension on dumpster.


Later on, More trash in the garage attic was let go causing a clean, clear attic and crawl space..


In the one scene, so many boxes were stacked around an old rickety basement chair. It was hidden inside those square like boxes.


What happen to the beautiful sinks? Because of no sales due to outdated sinks, The next garbage day came.


The inside of the house has been updated do the remodeling & repairs.

The head owner of the household had passed on and the youngest son for the past nine yeas had to make the changes for his mother.