Front Yard

Summer creates so much warmth.


White Pines, Spruce trees, Colorado Blue Spruce trees. A front yard forest?


Along the stretch of the three-in-a-half wide side-walk on the side are Mongo-Pines.


22 foot tall flagpole made to hang flags.


At the corner next to the side walk intersecting the driveway is statue of a gargoyle all painted new. (Not displayed in these scenes). That statue could be seen at night from a ground mini-coach light.


Regulation height basket ball poll and black stop.

All painted and setup to play.


Two 120 V electric coach lights at the easement of the driveway with real brick around the posts for strength..


16 Foot wide double privacy gates can be used to transfer vehicles or material  through into the back yard.


Not shown, is a 2 separate sprinkler system. Three large size 360 degree sprinklers on one valve with 6 mini pop-up sprinkles on a separate valve.