Fish Pond (With New Bridge @ Part - 7)

Beautiful view of this exquisite

concrete in-ground fish pond.


Water capacity is 3,300 gallons -/+ 25. The general square  surface of the fish pond is about 38 feet X 18 feet or close to 700 square feet. Deepest point of the pond is 4 feet.


Two pits used for the fish to dive for hibernation during the cold months (Sorry, fish are not included). 


A lot of beautiful plant scenery around pond to ensure privacy.


Next to the pond is a quaint privacy canopy with a three-person steel-chain, wooden  swing to view the pond along with other seating areas around the pond.


The water at this time is in season. Here are some scenes were the water appears crystal clear do to easy, low maintenance.


The water is circulated equally though pipes and hoses from a sophisticated filter system to keep the seasoned clarity of the water. New fish will love it.


Third, rear hose outlet for more easy access for the pond and pool located next to the pond.


Here are more friends who didn't mind posing. They will stay.


The greenery around the fish pond itself are an assortment of fine evergreen shrubs such as Globals, Pom-Poms, Yuccas, Evergreen ground Spreaders, Hoyas, Perennial Water Vine Spreaders & much more.


Just added at the beginning of August 2007, is a brand new bridge made out of pre-treated wood with its compartments for the new water piping.


Note: This new bridge wire-line design will not appear in the any of the Sphere View (TM) pictures when linking to Sphere View (TM) do to other current web projects in progress.