Back Yard Patio

Another place to relax outside. Double swing sets for little ones. Sit around the tree. Why not bring out the hammock and rest or/and sleep. Allot of shade from the American Ash Tree. 


Rear upper deck connected the solarium.

Off to the right-side of the deck next to the house is a set of pipes and valves which control the two sprinkler systems & the third valve as a sub valve that is used to control the water valve behind the fish pond. 


All treated wood. General area is more then 600 square feet.


14 feet wide X 4 feet long concrete slab connected to grass with colored octagon cement blocks built-In. Less mud to deal with. Deck was recently cleaned.


Repairing autos or/and motor cycles,  body shop mechanics, custom designing, wood builders - Great place for a shop  for business or just to tinker inside of the garage.


Allot of room to wash the auto.

All strong treated wood.


All gravel under the whole entire deck to ensure strength. First deck level is at ground level and second deck is about3 inches high.


Hang a bird house and watch the birds fly in & out all day long through the triple-pane sliding windows.


Nice place for a sandbox. So much wide-open space, use your imagination.


Note - Upper deck has been installed with lattice board in the last picture.