Second Level - Master Bedroom

The closest room to the bathroom.


All white stained tongue & groove channel cedar on the wall facing to the door while entering the master bedroom.


While entering into the master bedroom, the wall to the right with the 

two 30 inch wide X 77 inch high plate glass mirrors is z-brick with black grout


Both sets of pine wood / double hung windows along with aluminum framed storm plus screen combo windows..


All trim in the master bedroom and in the walk-in closet is all stained pine wood.


5 blade ceiling fan with 3 different speed settings to adjust comfort in the room & rotation adjustable to winter or summer.


In the master bedroom itself, has black stained pine wood beams.


The walk-in closet door is an oak wood door with a key-lock entry knob.


The rest of the walls in the master bed and walk-in closet excluding the z-brick wall and the channel cedar is all oak wood veneer paneling.


The room also comes with telephone jacks located on the side of some walls and a television cable jack near the second floor bathroom tub access panel.


The whole entire master bedroom, walk-in closet including the sub-closets all have high quality, no stain, mauve / dusty rose colored plush carpeting.


Access door to the bathroom's tub's piping allowing easy access to the pipes.


The interior size of the walk-in closet is 10 feet wide X 8 in-a-half feet in depth with two 3 feet wide stained pine wood bi-fold doors.


The ceiling in the master bedroom and in the walk-in closet has a sandy like texture from the white latex paint.


Behind each pine wood bi-fold door in the sub walk-in closet is a single pull chain light in the 10 foot wide X 2 feet in depth closet.


An addition to the sub walk-in closet, there is a 2 feet wide X 3 feet high right-swing push access door to the lower attic.


The light in the walk-in closet is a two bulb milk-glass bowl light.


The bedroom door has a key lock entry knob.