Second Level - Hallway

There are five doorways and the stairway connecting to the hallway.


The stairway leading up the hallway is over 3 in-a-half feet wide for extra step width.


While walking up the first flight of stairs, a right turn is made on the landing to walk up the second flight of stairs to the mouth of the hallway.


Walk to the corner, turn to the right again and go down the hallway leading to the bathroom door.


The first door on the left is bedroom four.


The first door on the right is bedroom three.


The second door on the left is bedroom two.


The second door on the right is the master bedroom.


At the end of the hallway is the bathroom.


Each bedroom carpet meets up the hallway carpet with heavy duty oak wood strip. The bathroom doorway has study brass strip connecting to the hallway carpet.


As mentioned in other scenes, all bedroom doors are all hollow core with common key lock entry door knobs excluding the master bedroom which requires a more sophisticated key to lock or unlock.


All door knobs are made out of brass or/and antique brass.


The paneling from the beginning of the stair case, up the stairs, down the hallway to  the bathroom door is all wood paneling.


The paneling that meets up with baby blue colored, latex painted ceiling is white stained pine wood trim.


The light above the landing is a stained glass swag drop light hanging from a back chain.


Has a 1 foot diameter pine wood wagon wheel light using three bulbs in the hallway section.


The carpet is a dark cherry colored plush carpet.

(For extended info on this carpet, please visit the ???????)


All trim around the doors and the hall window is all pine wood with white stain..


The window to the left side of the wall as walking up the second flight of stairs has a double hung pine wood window aluminum combination storm screen.