Second Level - Bed Room - 04

The forth closest room to the bathroom.


All white stained tongue & groove channel cedar interior wall on the back wall surrounding the both sets of the pine wood sliding windows along with aluminum framed sliding screens and storm windows,  stained pine wood light adjusting shutters connected to antique brass hinges.


Below those windows is a floor/ lower closet with two sets of white stained oak wood bi-fold doors totaling the width opening of 4 and-a-half feet X 46 inch height.


The interior size of the floor / lower  closet is 5 and-a-half feet wide X 21 inches in depth. Has an average height of 42 and-a-half inches high because of the pitch of the outside lower roof.


The closet door is hollow core with no key lock entry knob.

The interior size of the closet is 3 and-a-half feet wide X 2 feet in depth.

Pull chain light in the closet.


The rest of the walls are paneling w/ trim.


The ceiling has a sandy like texture from the white latex paint with a 4 blade ceiling fan which has 3 different speed settings to adjust comfort in the room & rotation adjustable to winter or summer.


The plush carpet is a light blue color.


The bedroom door has a key lock entry knob.


The room also comes with a telephone jack and a television cable jack.