Second Level - Bed Room - 03

The third closest room to the bathroom.


All z-brick with black grout interior wall on the back wall surrounding the both sets of pine wood windows / double hung along with aluminum storm plus screen windows and stained pine wood, bi-fold, light adjusting shutters connected to antique brass hinges to cover the windows. 


The rest of the walls are paneling with trim along with a 11.26 cubic feet oak wood storage cabinet on the right-side of the room when facing the back wall.


The exterior size of the oak wood storage cabinet is 47 inches in depth X 11 in-a-half inches wide X 38 inches high. Nice storage for comforters and pillows.


The ceiling has a sandy like texture from the white latex paint with a 4 blade ceiling fan with 3 different speed settings to adjust comfort in the room & rotation adjustable to winter or summer.


Pine wood, black stain beams with other beams that lead into the wall corners.


The plush carpet is burnt orange color & has a sculpture pattern.


The closet door has a key lock entry knob. The closet has a ceiling hatch door leading to the unfinished upper attic.

The interior size of the closet is 5 in-a-half feet wide X 1 in-a-half feet in depth.


Pull chain light in the closet.


The bedroom door has a key lock entry knob.


The room also comes with a telephone jacks and a television cable jack located above the storage cabinet.