Second Level - Bath Room

More quiet with extra space. All white stained tongue & groove channel cedar interior walls.


The bathroom sink faucet is a bright brass color metal as the similar model faucet installed on the tub section made by the same manufacturer.


Entire sink is china pink to match the china pink colored toilet.


The vanity top is all blue real formica.


The floor is made up of 8 inch square, deep blue colored quarter inch thick clay tiles with deep blue grout..


Oak wood medicine cabinet across from the 28 cubic foot volume capacity towel and linen closet.


All wrought iron hinges and a padlock handle on the bathroom closet. 


The closet interior is 18 inches depth X 44 inches wide X 8 feet high


This white latex paint on the ceiling has a sandy like texture.


The pink tub is cast iron with a pop-up stopper for the drain. Because the pop-up stopper has a foot press, the letch area is has been covered with a chrome cover.


The tile surrounding above the tub's lip, the wall area and the tub's ceiling are 5 inch wide X 6 inch high clay tiles.


A light up above on the right-side of the tub.


The fixture light up above and placed with a heating bulb to dry off in the warmth.

Why not convert the switch for this light into the dial switch to adjust heat for the heat bulb.


The bathroom is the closest to the master bedroom.