Main Level - Outer Porch

There is the hallway with the unbreakable on the aluminum storm door and the steel hollow core back door, with a double set of half-moon shaped piece glass as stated from the inner porch scene, with a lucite shield on both sides of the backdoor to prevent claw scratching or kicking damage to the door itself.


The whole entire section around the backdoor is all white latex painted pine wood to match the color of the fiber glass surrounding the glass on blue door.


All walls are paneling on the outer porch area between the backdoor and storm door .


8 inch square, quarter inch thick tan colored clay tile, w/ brown grout.


The wall on the left side of the backdoor in the outside porch is an oak wood window.


This oak wood window has storm window quality glass box windows w/ screen doors to bring in the spring warm air and summer breeze from the back yard.


Great view to the fish pond.


The plaster ceiling has deeps swirls to give the porch uniqueness.


Beyond the storm door is another porch light that's operated from the switch located at the left side of the storm door.