Main Level - Kitchen

The focal point of the house.


The walls and sophit bricked are all z-brick with black grout.


The front wall next to the right side of the refrigerator is all tongue and groove channel cedar coated with white stain.


The ceiling has been painted with white latex paint. Sandy like texture surface between the black stained, pine-wood beams..


The kitchen fan is a four-blade ceiling fan with five lights below the blades & has three different speed settings for winter or summer. Operates on a dimmer switch for dimming the fan lights or the speed of the fan.


Two sets of modern like three-bulb spot lights which can be positioned at different angels.


The kitchen floor is made up of 8 inch square, two colored quarter inch thick clay tiles with deep blue grout..


All kitchen cabinets are made out of solid oak wood for durability and warmth.


There are 21 door compartments for the top cabinets.

There are 19 door compartments for the bottom cabinets.

There are 12 pull drawer compartments for the bottom cabinets.


Total of 52 compartments.


One removable slide-out breadboard & three dummy fronts.


Bottom cabinets have metal sliders for easy pull-out shelves.


All cabinets are all handle less along with antique brass hinges and adjustable shelves.


Extra kitchen cabinet space in the dinning area up to 16 more cubic feet.


A convenient 21 inch square X 39 in-a-half inch height enclosed storage cabinet for out of the way garbage and pets have no access, looks neat and rolls on wheels.


All counter tops are 35 inches high, all crimson red colored, real formica tops have rounded edges for safety - excluding the garbage storage cabinet  which has only corners, but set back by fridge.


The counter has a double-bowl heavy gauge stainless steel sink with a three-quarter horse sink disposal unit attached under the right basin with a lighted switch off to the right.


The sink faucet is all chrome single lever with a built-in soap dispenser and a sprayer.


Double oven with a top broiler with infra-red on both ovens cutting gas usage by over a third. Both ovens can be independently oven heated. Both oven chambers lit up at the same time while using one push button. The other push button actives the panel light. Both ovens have two slide-out shelf racks. Both ovens are 19 inch square X 13 inch high with both self continuous cleaning surfaces along with peek-in glass panels. Makes juicy, hearty steaks and other types of meats.


The cook top is brushed stainless steel surface with concealed middle grill with all five self cleaning jets which are all electronic ignition. All have three heat output settings. Whole panel pulls up in front for easy access. Entire stove top and ovens are pilot less benefiting no wasted gas and excess heat.


The hood vent blower above the stove top has two air-flow speeds and a light to turn on from unit or wall switch..


Heavy-duty whisper quite dishwasher with electronic touch pad. Has pull-out large capacity top and bottom pull-out dish racks. Can perform heavy-duty pot scrubbing down to extra fine china washing. Dishwasher is 23 in-a-half inches wide X 26 inches depth (From rear against the z-brick to the edge of the pull-out handle.) X 35 inches high with three different insert panels behind the black panel for future kitchen color coordination. Safety lock handle causing washer, rinse & dry action shut-down when pulled out, other exposed panels are chrome and black. Safety for children.


The refrigerator can hold hold a large capacity of food, as does the freezer. Keeps food evenly cold and fresh. Great storage space up to a total of 27 cubic feet / 30 cubic feet if all shelves and ice maker were removed. The refrigerator cabinet exterior is black enamel over steel. The size of the whole refrigerator is 3 feet square X 5 in-a-half feet high. The freezer section has an ice maker that pours the ice into a 1 in-a-half cubic foot storage tank. Either half-oval-shaped cubes or crushed ice can pour out of the spout after making the selection using the slide switch. Next to the ice spout is a water filtered spout. Water flow is controlled by a valve in the basement below. Ice maker has a light sensor dimmer light. Both refrigerator and freezers chambers are 56 to 57 inches high and both are 30 inches deep. Climate controlled refrigerator shelves. Tempered glass shelves pull out and adjust. Great interior lighting.


Allot of space to hang space saving appliances under the top cabinets.


A hidden area for the cat litter tray or box or a trash compacter.


Phone jack next to the left side of the refrigerator. Other phone jacks through out the kitchen and dinning area. With a cable connection available  in the dinning, why not watch television while cooking in the kitchen.  


The linen closet down the hall across from the bathroom door, is 4 feet wide X 2 feet depth & has the same tile connected from the kitchen.


Next to the bathroom door way on the right side while facing into the bathroom from the kitchen hallway, there is a wrought iron coach light that uses a single bulb.


How to operate all of the appliances in the house including the kitchen appliances, tools, machines, fans on so on and almost everything in the house? The will be a box located on the kitchen counter with all of the original instructions and guides for all of the appliances in the whole entire house including the property when property is purchased. The light is practical with any wall bulb, or for ambiance dim lighting is also nice.


As the plumbing would go, the kitchen, both bathrooms and other pipes are located inside the walls in the house to avoid frozen pipes during the winter season.