Main Level - Inner Porch

There is the hallway to the backdoor.


The whole entire section around the backdoor is all stained, solid oak wood to insure strength and security along with a deadbolt and a separate door knob with a lock.


All walls are all tongue & groove channel cedar. While facing the backdoor from inside, the wall on the left side of the backdoor has black stain to offset the white stained walls.


The rest of the walls have been stained with white stain.


Tan colored clay 8 inch square, quarter inch thick tile, with brown grout.


The inside of the closet on the left side wall of the backdoor is five in-a-half X one in-a-half foot depth with a pull chain light.


Back door is all steel hollow core door with a double set of half-moon shaped etched and tempered piece of glass.


The ceiling has been painted with white latex paint. The surface texture is sandy.