Main Level - Den / Family Room

This is the largest room in the entire house is the family room on the other side of these pine wood double bi-fold doors.


Pine wood black stain wooden beams across the vast ceiling for extra strength under the sandy finish painted ceiling with glassy like glitter flakes in the paint.


There are two four blade, 3 adjustable speed setting ceiling fans with lights, summer or winter settings attached, each operated by dimmer switches.

The second fan had three antique brass canister lights used to position each light at various angles though out the den room.

Both fans are operated from a set of lighted wall dimmer switches to enhance the mood.


The rear wall is all antique white z-brick arched over inset lennen stone brick.


Beautiful apple red plush carpeting with tongue & groove channel cedar on walls. The front wall of the den room has a blank stain coat. The rest of the other walls have white stain.


Some areas of the room have been cluttered with packing items. For the one's who love football, best spot for the big screen T.V. is the back wall where four different colored spot lights shine. Yes, cable jack for the television. 


Four telephone phone jacks installed do to the size of the room. An extra window with inside shutters to bring in the extra morning sun shine. The glass on this window is slightly tinted, and has commercial thickness.


The large five pane window on the front wall has pine wood, framed window panes with three panes that open out when using a crank lever. Each of the three panes come with a screen frame that easily inserts into the wood frame. The two end pane windows are stationary and the middle three pane windows are closed on secured heavy duty steel locks. The window sill that these five window panes sit on is made out of pine wood.


The window on the wall opposite from the front wall has pine wood framed double sliding windows along with aluminum frame double sliding screens.


While standing at the door and facing the back wall of the den room, off to the right side as the fist wall end next to the inside corner, is the closet door.


The closet is 4 feet wide X 2 feet depth and has a pull chain light and the carpet is the same and attached. 


The den room could also be used as a nice large bedroom, as it does have a nice clothes closet just as the other bedrooms. Just a thought at one time, it was considered


installing a small fire place in the room. So many wonderful features about the family room.