Main Level - Bed Room - 06

Beyond these beautiful stained glass bi-fold door is a room considered a bedroom.


It is right off the kitchen's dinning room area. This room could be used as a playroom, sewing room, computer room, drafting / drawing room Etc.. A great room for hobbies. A place to put a baby's playpen, close by to monitor the baby's needs.


Not displayed is the 220 Volt / 600 a.m.p. circuit breaker box which generally controls the main level, second level, the air conditioner & more.


All the walls are tongue & groove channel cedar. The wall in the rear has black stain & the rest is white stain w/ a black output heated steel vent to match.


A utility or clothing closet off to the side under the stair case.


For those who like to play instruments or sound record, the ceiling right above has 1 foot square acoustic tiles. For those who might not know, this acoustic tile filters and type of loud sounds.


With this special tile, anybody who is sleeping on the second level wouldn't be disturbed from trying to sleep.


Two oak storm window quality glass box windows w/ screen doors to bring in the west sunset for the evening.


As an example, never hurts to keep a fire extinguisher near any kitchen and a flash light just in case of any power outages.


All carpeted with a tan and off white colored plush like surface and the utility or clothing closet has 1 foot square asphalt tiles on the floor with a side pull chain light on the left wall side of the closet.