Main Level - Bed Room - 05

At the south-east corner of the kitchen, straight down the hallway is a doorway to the sixth bedroom.


Walking in, there is huge oak wood window with double sliding glass windows and aluminum screens.


This room is the same size as bedroom #06 but with different interior.


The ceiling has sandy texture white latex paint.


Has a 2 feet diameter pine wood wagon wheel  light using five bulbs in the first section while the second section has one twin bulb brass spot light. Both brass canisters can be positioned at different angels to adjust lighting..


Also in the second section are oak wood wall hanging cabinets with all double glass sliding doors with plastic knobs to slide each door.


Cable television and telephone are welcome.


All walls are panel board as in the basement but, with a brighter soft color.


The floor is all tight nap carpet with a flat style design in the carpet.


The closet is 4 feet wide X 2 feet depth & has deep blue tight plush carpeting.


The closet also has a pull chain light.