Main Level - Bath Room

This is the bathroom off the kitchen.


Quiet and large. All white stained tongue & groove channel cedar interior with baby blue colored swirl pattern ceiling.


The bathroom sink faucet is a bright brass color metal. Whole sink & vanity top is all culture marble. Spanish style quarter inch thick clay tile w/ black grout. Bathroom is dry and warm as is the upstairs bathroom, due to channel cedar on walls.


Pine wood/press board medicine cabinet and towel rack over the lowboy style china blue toilet.


Now, going into the make-up area.


An area for the lady to sit, relax and prepare for the evening, perhaps with a lighted makeup mirror on the vanity table.


A quaint area for the lady to manicure her nails. The built-in wall cabinet with blue shutters, inset with black steel lattice on the back wall could be used for items for tub and/or perhaps for what the lady might need at her make-up table.


The cast iron tub has the same color as the blue china toilet and the tub it appears to be sunken into the floor.


The tub's faucet is all metal chrome.


The tile around the tub and make-up area is made out of clay, beautiful white pearl etched with pretty blue design.


The upper floor area by the tub is a deep blue tight shag carpeting.


Between the makeup area and the vanity area is a partition wall of channel cedar with a red gleaming plexi-glass decor light that offers soft lighting like when company comes or could be used to set the mood in the bathroom maybe for a soothing bath.


All cabinets in the bathroom are all pine wood w/ some press board / formica.