Lets take a walk down the stairs to the basement. The walls are wood paneling with a 36 Inch wide wooden staircase, with blue indoor/outdoor carpeting. There is a non-slip heavy duty vinyl runner attached to keep the carpet clean.


The concrete color like slabs under those black wrought iron railings is granite stone and also thick sturdy yule posts.

Off to the left is oak hand-made paneling surrounding the furnace with an access door to the humidifier. At the foot of the stairs is slate rock surrounded with brass trim. The tile all around is asphalt.


Then, there is the hot & cold water wet bar with a neon bar light over the 1 foot square stainless steel sink. The black & red exterior is made out of naugahyde with pine wood diamond like inset panels. Water meter and main valves located under the bar. At the bottom of the stairs is a built-in cabinet on the wall with glass panel door.

It is like a small curio cabinet with mod-lighting.


Easy access to the furnace, pipes, hot-water tank and more. Electric outlet inside of the door. All Quadruple of oak wood doors for the both furnace area and laundry room. Five oak wood sub-ceiling sliding panels for access to utility lines. 

For the record: this beautiful work by the Creator of Thombogo is dedicated to my father who was the master craftsmen at creative wood working and remodeling. 


Steal posts have ceramic tile starting from the first foot and up from the basement floor.


Above the electric box for basement is a drop door for the out-side water pipe shut-off with an output heat vent above a phone jack and a cable jack below that,

for television entertainment at the bar. Two oak wood block windows and sills for security protection next to the bar mirror. Framed with handcrafted wood. Frame with beads and lights. All set for entertaining. 


The steel 36 inch basement door with a dead bolt below the door knob is more security. More slate tile with a granite stone door step.


While standing at the basement door looking in is a wall with z-brick flag-stone with real black grout. A pine wood bi-fold door for the window to view into the laundry room or out of the basement door.


Note: Laundry room window is not displayed in any of the the 3D sphere view (tm) drawings. (Not displayed in this picture is a 6 inch square shape access hole to the valve on the patio.)


The laundry room has a sump-pump next to a sludge pump chamber used for the toilet. Both pumps are covered.


Crawlspace door for under the dinning room. Floor is easy access located next to laundry sink tubs..


Double bowl 2 foot depth X 4 wide foot sink with hot and cold water. Washer and dryer will stay next to sink.


The toilet has a red naugihyde accordion like door for privacy. All baby-blue colored clay tile with ceramic tile floor.


Both set of doors closed over the furnace and laundry room area add beauty to the basement. In the furnace room is a pull chain light over the hot water tank.


On the all plastered ceiling through out the base next are four tube lights like this one in the picture excluding the one over the bar section which uses three screened bulbs.


The basement is very spacious, warm and dry. Perhaps this basement could be used as separate room to rent.