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These video displays of the 3D drawings are large as 2,048 X 1,536 Pixels. When going on the web pages at where the 3D drawing pictures are at, your internet browser’s vertical scroll bar and the horizontal scroll bar well shrink. (If your desktop screen graphics are set by 1,280 X 1,024 or smaller) These 3D Pictures with so much detail are huge to display.

These pictures were taken from a drawing file which was originally created by using one of the well known drawing programs out there consisting a little over 3 megabytes, originally created on May of 1996 however, wasn’t streamlined until the commenced date of January of 2007 until completed with the most up to date features of property until of February of 2007. The full editing time this drawing program has indicated for this drawing has taken is a total of 9 days 00:53:05 seconds to complete after drawing 20,098 lines, creating 187 layers for different areas of the property.  

Do to size of each pictures, accessing some frames might take longer than others because of the each drawing’s detail. Tip - If these frames are stored* in your internet cache directory for the first time before those same frames are accessed again, access time would be cut instantaneously depending on your computer’s hard drive access time.

* = Unless deleted by a virus security program for safety issues or/and to destroy common useless computer clutter on your computer’s hard drive.

DSL / Cable or Broadband can be recommended to increase internet access time.

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About the 3D Drawings